Congratulations on booking your Trial Instructional Flight with Coast Watch Clarence – there’s no doubt it will be an experience you never forget.

Your next step is to pick your time and date from the calendar at the bottom of this page. Follow the instructions below carefully and we’ll have your flight booked in no time.

The Coast Watch runs from the 18th Dec through to the 30th Jan. There are flights available at 10am on weekdays, and 10am/12pm on the weekends.

Simply navigate through the calendar below and check the availability. Once you have chosen your time and date, use the contact form below the calendar to send us your request.

If you find that the scheduled time slots on the day(s) you are available to fly are already taken, we should be able to fit you in directly after the flights that have already been booked.

Simply use the contact form to send us your request for a time slot directly after the ones that are already taken (put ‘n/a’ in the time and date fields of the contact form).

NB – the time must be directly after those scheduled ie if the 10am/12pm spots are taken, the next flight time would be at 2pm. But if these spots are open we’d prefer it if you didn’t request a time outside of these slots. The pilots flying are volunteers and we’re trying to keep the scheduling as tight as possible to make things easy for them.

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