Learn To Fly

Not only is the Autogyro MTO Sport a fantastic alternative for aerial observation, it’s also the perfect starting point for someone looking to get started in aviation.

Learning to fly doesn’t get much easier – even if you’ve never flown in any other aircraft before, it is possible for you to get to solo standard after around 35 hours of in-flight instruction.

Your first step would be to take a Trial Instructional Flight, or TIF as it is more commonly known.

On this first flight, you’ll sit in the rear seat behind the pilot and get your first taste of the aircraft. There are controls in the back so if you feel comfortable enough you can take the stick for s quick feel of how the aircraft handles. Or you can simply sit back and enjoy your first experience in an Autogyro.

After this first flight you’ll begin your training in the front seat, with an experienced pilot behind you at all times with his own set of controls to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

You’ll begin by learning how to handle the aircraft while cruising, before moving into the more advanced techniques such as landings & take-offs.

If you’re interested in learning more, simply get in touch via the contact details on this website.